Hannah had intense stabbing pains in her right buttock whilst walking and a constant dull ache. 39 weeks pregnant, and feeling quite fed up, she wanted to remain active to prepare her body as best she could for the birth.

An examination revealed that her pelvis was imbalanced and the spine had shifted over to her left-hand side; a likely result of her baby being very low down in the pelvis. She had extreme tension in her piriformis, the gluteal muscles on the right side, and the muscles on the right-hand side of her pelvic floor were also very taut.

During treatment, I did some deep release work through the relevant muscles and used cranio-sacral techniques to balance the whole pelvic ring and lower spine. I warned her that she could feel quite sore for a day or two, which she was for 24 hours; but then woke up the next morning with her symptoms significantly reduced and the following day almost pain free. During her second treatment session, I released and balanced the pelvis and spine further, completing the session with advice about techniques and stretches to do at home. She left much happier and stronger physically and mentally for the imminent arrival of her baby

“I went to see Melissa at 39 weeks with buttock pain. Although it was sore during treatment and for 24 hours afterwards, within 2 days I was pain free and felt much stronger mentally and physically to have my baby”

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