Can I come in for treatment anytime during my pregnancy?

Treatment can be performed at any stage of pregnancy, although some women may feel more comfortable to begin treatment in the second trimester (there is no evidence of osteopathic treatment being a risk factor during pregnancy).


What about treatment near or on my due date?

Treatment can be indicated right up to full term and I have treated many women in the ‘past due date’ stage, which has been beneficial.


How soon after labour can I come for a consultation?

Women often wish to have post-natal osteopathic treatment, which is often very necessary to support a mum with a new baby, especially for first time mums. You may come in for treatment as soon as you feel able.


Are you able to check my newborn baby as well?

Yes. I offer a new mother and baby check package – £115 (full case history, examination and treatment of both mum & baby)


Does my child have to be still during treatment?

No. Natural movements are an important part of informing me about your child’s state of health, during the examination and treatment. Babies can be assessed and treated whilst in the caregiver’s arms or whilst breastfeeding /sleeping.  Building trust is key with a young child, so I will usually spend a short amount of time playing with them before putting my hands on for examination and treatment.


How will my child respond after treatment?

Often, they will be tired and may sleep more deeply. It is possible for your child to be temporarily more unsettled as the body works to release tensions or patterns of strain. This is a normal part of the healing process and usually settles after 12-24 hours.


How many treatment sessions will I need?

Each patient is individual, but I would usually need to see a patient between 3 and 6 times in the short term (often weekly or fortnightly). With more complex or recurring conditions, there may need to be some follow up / maintenance treatment, usually with a longer time frame between sessions.


What will happen during the first consultation?

This will involve questions, to develop a case study, about your medical background, experiences and lifestyle, so that I can tailor the treatment to you or your child’s specific needs. I will perform some treatment on this first session if appropriate and time allows.


What will the treatment involve?

The treatment approach will vary depending on the individual patient. I draw on my extensive classical osteopathy training, as well as my training in cranial osteopathy which is gentle, safe and effective and can be applied to any part of the body.

Case Studies