I see patients, of all ages and concerns, who may have been referred to me by their doctor to complement their medical treatment or come without referral to seek help with their particular health challenge.

Taking a holistic approach, I work with my patients to seek and help maintain good functioning of their body, harnessing the body’s innate capacity to heal.  Disruption of the body’s framework can disturb the circulatory and nervous systems, which can have consequences on all aspects of health.  A body that is compromised mechanically can lead an individual to experience aches and pains in joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles, as well as disturb the optimum functioning of the internal organs.

Based within InStep, my practice is professional yet relaxed making sure you receive the best possible care, whilst feeling welcome and comfortable.  During a consultation, I will observe your posture and you will be asked to perform certain movements and an assessment of your gait (walking pattern) may be necessary. It would be normal for me to ask a patient to undress to see the affected area, but I am happy for patients to wear loose / stretchy clothing should they feel more comfortable.

“Melissa has looked after myself, and both my children, as our family osteopath for a number of years”

Case Studies