When I see a new mum (especially first time mums) in clinic, the challenges her spine will be facing include:

• Recovering from labour
• Her posture adapting to suddenly being without baby
• Her body is getting used to the demands of tending to a newborn (especially if breastfeeding)
• Coping with interrupted sleep

My top tips for spinal health are:

1. Stay hydrated. Super important if breastfeeding.

2. Rest/sleep when you can – resting or napping when your baby sleeps is so helpful in the early days. If you have older ones if you can do this at a quiet/nap/tv time in the day or when they are at nursery/school.

3. Wake up your pelvic floor – varying your positioning when doing pelvic floor exercises is beneficial, sitting feeding for example, on all fours is great, squatting and standing. Don’t forget to breathe!

4. Be mindful of your posture when feeding/changing your baby. Use pillows to support you & your baby when feeding where possible.

5. Listen to your body – stay tuned in to simple things like thirst, hunger, the need to move mindfully & the need to rest!


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