Joshua, a professional dancer, was struggling with chronic headaches and post-concussion syndrome.  He had sustained a head injury during rehearsals; a blow to the top of his head by a fellow dancer’s elbow. Instead of the normal pattern of concussion, which would last a few days or weeks, he developed post-concussion syndrome with severe fatigue, constant headaches, sensitivity to light, lack of motivation and consequently was feeling at a very low ebb.

When he first came to see me, his symptoms had improved somewhat.  However, he was still struggling with everyday activities and unable to return to work, as physical exertion made him feel worse.

There was significant mechanical strain and tension in his back, neck, shoulders and head. Using a mixture of classical structural osteopathic techniques and cranio-sacral techniques, I was able to release his muscles and free the affected joints, thereby facilitating blood flow and improving his mechanical and postural balance. Progress came slowly, but surely. Joshua felt significantly better after a course of treatment over 6 months and was able to begin a phased return to work.

Joshua also helped himself enormously with his recovery, using various other methods to help his symptoms including yoga and meditation. He was also well supported by his GP, receiving some good support from a consultant neurologist, and physiotherapy.

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