Teddy’s mum brought him to see me aged 9 weeks, as he was still very unsettled since his rapid, induced labour. An amniocentesis during the pregnancy had been stressful and Teddy’s mum was exhausted caring for an unsettled new baby and a 3 year old.

Latching on was proving tricky and he was often fractious whilst feeding, which came as a surprise to his mum as she had no problems breastfeeding her first baby. He was also struggling with trapped wind in his bowels and was not very happy to be put down.

Using gentle techniques, treatment was aimed at releasing the compression, tension and strain patterns found in Teddy’s infant skull, neck, chest and diaphragm (breathing muscle).

Following the first session, Teddy slept very well through the first night and his mum commented on the immediate improvement in how much happier and settled he appeared during the day. Feeding also improved after a couple more treatments and was a more pleasurable experience for them both.

Although now a happy baby during the day, Teddy continued to struggle with his tummy symptoms at night time and sleeping through the night.  So I advised extra GP support and sleep training strategies, which helped with his development over time.

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