Thomas was initially brought into see me as a newborn, after a difficult labour.  Born by a forceps delivery, following a long and induced labour, he was fractious  and had problems latching on during breastfeeding.  After a period of osteopathic treatment, focusing upon releasing the strain on his infant skull and neck, feeding improved and in turn helped to calm him down.

I saw him again in clinic aged 3 years. His mother, an occupational therapist, was concerned about him in-toeing with his right leg, whilst walking (pigeon toed). During the first consultation, I identified that the mechanics of his right leg were out of balance.  After a few sessions of gentle cranial and structural osteopathic treatment, his gait (walking pattern) improved.  I gave some gentle stretches to be carried out at home and suggested discouraging him sitting in the ‘W’ position whilst playing.

During the course of his treatment, I also assessed and treated his whole body and it came to light that he was suffering with glue ear on both sides, speech delay (a likely result of the glue ear) and was still not sleeping through the night. This was especially concerning to his mum as she was expecting her second baby. After releasing the tensions and lack of correct motion of the cranial bones housing the middle & inner ear over a period of a few weeks, his mother and grandmother reported that his speech and communication had begun to improve and that he was also sleeping through the night.

Both Thomas and his mother felt more settled to welcome their new baby and brother, Oliver, into the family a few weeks later.

Case Studies