Babies (Newborn & infants)

Osteopathy can be effective with newborn babies, particularly following a complicated birth. The mechanical imbalances in different areas of the body may contribute to discomfort and aggravate some of the common conditions that patients present with.  The common reasons babies are brought into the practice include:

  • Unsettled or distressed baby
  • Baby not meeting the expected developmental milestones


Children (Toddlers / Pre-school / School Aged)

Treatment can benefit your growing child and help them cope with all of the physical stresses and strains that come with physical development.  Although children are resilient and the body has an immense self-healing capacity, some bumps and falls can leave unresolved strain patterns within the body of active children, which osteopathic treatment seeks to resolve.  Once at school different challenges can present themselves, such as

  • Lack of healthy movement
  • Periods of intense growth
  • Pressures of study
  • Sports Injuries

“Melissa made a significant difference to my son’s headaches in a fairly short period of time”

Case Studies